updates: (I think I like it just as a line drawing actually if the background of the house was white. I shall see)


Onto colouring finally! Thanks to Cat for naming the circus. I’ve also been:

– adding more detail to the previous drawings

– working on a three part book, to be used in the discussion not in presentation. Probably will reformat a couple of spreads to use in the pres

– sent the re-worked frame to be laser cut on plywood. Once I get it tomorrow and make sure it works well I’ll send 3/4 more

I need to sketch out the final drawing that is a synthesis of context/ foundations to discuss tomorrow. It is EXTREMELY important BECAUSE in thinking of the project overall – with the act of taking the single architecture and contextualizing it in a number of places, I am creating a sence of de-centralization (wip word. it’s not disassembly and not fragmentation hm..) Initially in this act the common denominator is the house, which then becomes the very act of attachment. SO the final drawing as the synthesis of this multiplicity, needs to be able to argue that, through the de-centralization, I create my own ‘fragments’, my own context, before I create my architecture, the second common denominator, the foundations. Essentially the act of contextualization happens once with placing the house here and there, and there is second act which is the collecting of those. Really trying to make sense in writing this thought. Will keep trying.

I have also realized that my list making skills are not ambitious, but unrealistic. So been trying to finish things (which I think is my brussel sprouts) so I can progress with pushing the project.

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