looking in & looking out

The gridded surface of the glass wall becomes a screen by which one looks out from or into the box – views in and out are confused with reflections of the exterior or interior.

Looking in:

Looking out:

Zygmunt Bauman classifies both gated communities and ghettos as ‘camps’ (fortified, isolated, self-sufficient communities) – the only difference between the two spaces being whether one is trying to protect the inside from the outside, or the outside from the inside. “In both cases the principle is founded on the distribution of the possibilities of entry and exit.”

In the consumer society, camps function “as the horizons that attract or repel the consumer-citizens/denizens who do not know if they will go ‘up’ (gated community) or ‘down’ (detention centre). And there is nothing that automatically leads most subjects of liquid modernity from one extreme to the other. Rather, most people are suspended or plotted somewhere in the continuum between the extremes… This suspension, and the insecurities and uncertainties that follow, is part and parcel of the functioning of the camp…”

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