1. I’m building the second version(s) of the model –  to be more abstract by removing unit space and adding the green room. Essentially the three surfaces make up a corner of a space so the size of the model should not be at a readable scale, meaning that a corner is 1:1.

2. Whatever is applied to the green should be real. So that the tension happens between the reality (inhabited realm) and the construction (drawing), rather than myself inside a drawing or computer model… not very sure.

3. The ingredients for the project are: the workspace, the green room, and the context(s) to be applied onto the green, whatever gets built in the workspace and used in the green room. So here is where 2101830 decisions need to be made to design something to build, to inhabit etc. Essentially where the devices and what we spoke about in a previous tutorial of a drawer, a window, a trampoline etc would go, meaning what context(s) would go on the green.

4. I have an idea which I think can combine everything I am interested in including TS. It’s a sequel and improvement of ‘the vision’.

So multitasking forward! Will post again later…

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