List making

1. circus drawing wip – houses on wheels carrying a circus crossing autoroute 25 in Montreal (tonight)


this is the background, plan at the top to section below. should be more clear once I add the foreground


2. amphibious foundations still in rhino. trying to make it more dramatic with underwater views (tomorrow)

3. frame for gallery drawing is designed and will test cut (tomorrow), and will make one for the 1:1 drawing guys

4. working on making the drawings fat (weekend)

5. still to add more detail in the previous drawings but I’ve sketched out what I need to do (tonight)

7. still no book – but I think it will be a tape bound A2 portrait for beginning of presentation and hardbound anti-thesis between A4/ A3 size (weekend)

8. still no update on film (next week)

9. on the other hand of countdown time land I am enjoying that the thesis is developing in parallel with my drawings. I am sketching out ideas on how to create links between them – ie landsat 8 taking images of earth, used in master plan drawing, moon to appear in amphibious foundations + + +. this is like a meta thing because I don’t want the drawings to appear as a list but more like a world in themselves. it would also be nice if I could have booklet or maps or whatever medium is ideal to support each drawing. I am bombarded with ideas during internal conversations. but trying to plan realistically. let’s see…

10. need to address cultural/ historical/ social + + +  foundations more

11. I feel like there’s something I’m missing. trying to plan what is the last drawing I finish with. perhaps I am missing a conclusion? a concluding drawing? hmm…

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