Light vs. heavy (Edited)



View through the office from the actual road surface. Atm the road has no connections to the floor space of the office, and no connection with the road continuing in the exterior – will work on that. At least the lighting conditions are fairly accurate.



Working on spreads on the spatial relationship between the road/my office and the generic office I’m cutting through. The light office is kind of Fumihiko Maki-style and in that version, the road itself is suspended from the ceiling of the existing building, with the aid of two new structural cores. The heavy office is not my favourite, but needed to be done in order to situate the conversation.

I like the light office not only because it enables both interaction, transformation and communication, as well as negating the view we have of elevated roads as typically heavy and concrete-y. Since the structure will most likely be placed on steel pillars rather than concrete ones, it is more interesting I think to consider the new office-road as light in all aspects, and there isn’t really need for lots of compression forces on the suspended office-floor.

Thought I want to develop: it is not the fact that there is a road crashing through an office that matters, it is what the road DOES to the office that’s important.

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