Lever house

Unfortunately, i cannot find ANY high res photos of Lever House from the courtyard!!!! – books or internet!!!!! i know i know i was bummed aswell – YOU HAVE NO IDEA – so i have been forced to reconstruct and essentially photoshop the entire image – anyway WIP – its a bitch

You are looking up into lever house – the hole is too obvious at the moment – it will be a bit hazy and you will see hints of the secret office that is in the hole – so the floor plates will continue – anyway will update the image later – i am working my way up from the ground

also i have changed the direction of the cone – it is now larger in diameter at the bottom of the building on the courtyard sie – before it was larger at the top on the other side – iv changed it for the sake of the image – LOOKS BETTER trust me


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2 Responses to Lever house

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Antoine’s brother lives in NYC.
    don’t you have any peeps you know who can take a picture for you?
    Can anyone help G with a photo?

  2. Antoine Vaxelaire says:

    I can ask my brother who indeed lives in NYC, and is a photographer…