Let’s oscillate


The project oscillates between two worlds; the one inhabited and the one being constructed.


The factory of ___.

A factory is the place of production.

More than the space, it is the process by which production takes place. This can be collapsed within one singular space, or exploded within different ones.

The product is that of a demountable house. It is in a constant state of transit as its location is undefined during the process of its fabrication that is the after-site. (rewrite)

The architect is also a builder, involved equally in the act of drawing as well as the act of building.

His identity is tied to the place and act of fabrication; he felt that he died when his workshop was closed down.

The workshop was nomadic, much like the demountable houses. So, his identity was more tied to the act of fabrication rather than the place of fabrication.

More than the object of the house, he designed the act of assembly – disassembly – reassembly which was site-less.

Much like the houses lacked context, paper is also contextless. It is part of the process so it is used as a means of communication. It is operated within multiple contexts to create its parallel fiction. (rewrite)


Table of contents arranged in relation to recon jury:


Table of contents arranged in relation to themes:

(will update asap as I’m figuring it out)


Questions I need to keep referring to:

What am I constructing?

How do I define the factory?

What is my objective?

(What did I do in the recon?)

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