Let’s go and eat Dusseldorf!

Machine + City

The first step of the “Building the White” process consists in radically eating the existing fabric of the city, in this case Dusseldorf.

We dramatically consume the city, leaving nothing behind but the needed infrastructure, it is a bold and opportunistic action, aiming at nothing else but the death of the Figure/Ground debate.

The collected material will be transported to “Die Fabrik”, a enormous City Eater that will soon vomit a new ground (which might become a new city form?).

As much as Nolli flattened Rome, Corbusier erased Paris or Koolhaas peeled La Defense, the White Revolution consumes endlessly in order to re-manufacture a new ground, one liberated from the supremacy of the City and its Poche Land.

The White Revolution is one led by Tractors (not computers), one deeply enmeshed in context (not contextualism) and one (as any revolution should be) extremely optimistic.

(now working on drawings)

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