Le Diner


The motel diner shows the double context of the project between the desert and the studio. It is an image that attempts to bridge the different forms of site: the screen (rendered part), the model and the book (photograph). I’d like to make the double context show more in two scales in the image (for example the over-sized camera on the left). Also, could maybe have some depth on the right, showing the desert / the studio… blogthis part is rendered and it includes some artefacts from the project blog2


blog3 blog4

A nice bit about the work of Lois Renner who makes beautiful mixed media images:

“The fantasy of meticulously planning and shaping worlds in which to live, an approach borrowed from architecture and design, falls apart and, like a mutant, turns against the studio from which it came into being. It came from within, as Cronenberg would say. All photography can do is follow this process stoically”.

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