Layer 2 – building contextual ground


This is the 1st quadrant for the second layer of my ground-making device – the factory of perceptual sorting. Here, collected context and experience begin their jour journey towards re-appropriation. Items from the reservoir are picked and undergo a process of sorting, cultural, material and waste fragmentation. Whilst the waste is returned to the reservoir, the useable fragments are transferred to the mixing chamber, where they bond and intertwine to produce new context. From here, the new contextual sludge is transported to the compressor, where it regurgitates a piece of new landform.

The 4 quadrants together will show this process, the layer before is an image of the reservoir, the layers after will focus on the re-appropriation (in dialogue with my protagonists)…


Work in Progress (finishing the last quadrant later, then will have it rendered overnight, so will work on the other drawings).





The 4th Quadrant will be the assembly and compression of the new and collapsed context. Here the mixture is compressed into actual fragments of the landscape – one that slowly begins to emerge within the central ring.

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