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I’m currently planning steps ahead in response to the jury!

Jury notes:

  • The project should be oscillating between “here is permanence…now it’s gone”
  • FI disrupting FL & viceversa
  • Make Judd eat soup inside the wireframe cube
  • Work seems static – need to incorporate time into the drawings and in the framing act
  • Convey the absurdity of the image content (absurdity of permanence, absurdity of event) vs the beauty of the reality of image as site of permanent ( – absurdity between site of event vs real site)- Beatles walking on crossing, Yves Klein falling of wall ….) – because art doesn’t deal with reality
  • Make video of Fenna Cafe photograph
  • Bring Warhol to Marfa, make the collision more symmetric? – use him to challenge fixity of Judd, but don’t ignore the ephemeral, sublime tension between Judd’s artwork and the landscape, desert vs cube!
  • Argue the apparent fixity of Judd and the apparent ephemerality of Warhol
  • Bring in the issue of permanence within the arch. Student project – the instance of presenting which is the instance of permanence of the project after which it falls back into a fluid state of change. – instance of collision between fleeting and fixed
  • Create an event for maintaining the photograph => the inefficient factory

Look at : – Vito Acconci , Dan Graham, Yves Klein, Marcel Duchamp,


Cubes and Rooms –

EVA HESSE – Accession ( 1967) – she used grids and searialised structures but unlike Judd her intent was on retaining expressive look of the handmade structures. Her interest was “finding out through working on the piece some of the potential and not the preconceived”. => absurdity of life – contradictions and oppositions. Her structure can be read organically as something fixed yet opened.


Helio Oiticica doesn’t do static sculpture – BOX BOLIDE 9 is a painted wooden box containing openings and drawers filled with pigments and is intended to be opened and explored.


Mimesis of thinking –

The infinity of thinking cannot be represented by an individual image. Thinking progresses from one image to another in a systematic way without any conceivable end. Thinking is the infinite progressive movement, the infinite et cetera. Therefore it can be represented in art only in the form of an installation that recreates this progressive movement. Like Rene Magritte distinguished between the pipe and representation of the pipe, a representation of thinking through artistic installation is not yet thinking.


Some food for thought:

The Void by Yves Klein

  (April 1958), Klein chose to show nothing whatsoever, called The Specialization of Sensibility in the Raw Material State into Stabilized Pictorial Sensibility, The Void: he removed everything in the gallery space except a large cabinet, painted every surface white, and then staged an elaborate entrance procedure for the opening night; The gallery’s window was painted blue, and a blue curtain was hung in the entrance lobby, accompanied by republican guards and blue cocktails. Thanks to an enormous publicity drive, 3000 people were forced to queue up, waiting to be let into an empty room.
Leap into the void

Leap into the void

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3 Responses to UPDATE latest additions to the white book

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Can you please bring these printed out on Tuesday?
    Also, great Klein reference!

    Along the issue of rooms:

    Also, the Open Systems show at the Tate in 2005 – was great. Read the descriptions of the first few rooms (or all of them really), as the projects begin with works on the cube and then evolve from there.
    I just bought the catalog – will arrive at AA on Tuesday but check if Library has it as well.

    some great references in there..

    • Miruna Mazilu says:

      Yes I will definitely bring them!

      Great references indeed! Also, found the ‘Open Systems’ book in the Library.

    • Miruna Mazilu says:

      This book is so crazy.. The open systems…. I need to buy it!
      I’m not sure if I love it or hate it…. It is full of great references, it has everything I looked at myself and so much more! AND it even has an essay talking both about Judd and Warhol………..