Last stages

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The last few volumes.

photo 3

Working out what goes into the boxes. Taking on what was said during the last tutorial. Every box will have the same pieces with a variety of scale. Each team will get one brown box and one black box.

Edited Text

Liberation is a critique on the absurdity of defining an idea, theory, utopia or movement around a single word defined by its formal attributes, just in the way that the oblique has defined the function of the oblique. When a theory or idea is related to you, it alters your reading of it. It becomes very difficult to contest a theory that is defined by a representation of a form without having experienced its space.

What are the cultural and experiential attributes that are too often ignored and forgotten? Architecture is the space in which a variety of readings should be allowed to blend and clash. There is only one place where these readings may exist and this is in the conversations and means of representation. The role of the architect is to choose an appropriate method of representation of the theory that does not limit it to that of a singular reading primarily focused on its formal attributes and not its cultural and experiential ones.

Edited Categories

  1. Grid – elevation, vertical, city
  2. Flexible –adaptable, temporality, duplicity
  3. Dynamic – movement, equilibrium, direction
  4. Folding – practical, surface, habitable, scale
  5. Oblique – no hints, moves straight to the end note.
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2 Responses to Last stages

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    It might be helpful to include some images of sample layouts (with no term reference). The image above is good – and the people provide useful scale (do you have different sized people?)

    Perhaps print a mini-set or booklet of photos (IF you have time). Would be best to photograph on white background….