Kit for experiences

Experiments for setting up kit for experiences are going on alongside building up box.Things are coming up at the same time. The thing I’m focusing on now is assembling ‘experiencing kit’.


1. Support

(it has more impression than soft mockup version)

(components to be assembled)


wooden structure without rooms at the moent


2. Sense of Light

I’m making a small tool to amplify impact of light.


‘What do you see inside?’

It has a peephole to look inside closely and foldable. At the end of it, it project light through small slide film like images.


Black pocket with a peephole


3. Memory(Scent)

My small bottles have arrived at school today!


4. Fragments(touch)


I have to iron it tonight. I’m assembling touchable fabric map. It is hard to explain it with text since it is all about you experiencing as a receiver.


5. Motion

Still keep failing to animate phenakistoscope machine.. I think i should paused it for now and begin again during weekend.


6. The Finite

Documents had been scaled down in a nice format.


I will add more images as it gets done.

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