keep calm and keep working…..

-Plan Update for the rest of the week-

Friday: presentation and text,- rethink how to present all the work- EDIT AND CLARIFY!!!!!!( this is very important in my case and I probably need one more day for that.)

Saturday: laser cut model frame and Section finish ( The one I started with the Barragan fountain)

Sunday: Frame-assemble +

Monday: by Monday afternoon I will have all the 3D Printed pieces that goes inside the frame (Fingers crossed!!).

my aim for Tuesday’s tut is to bring and perform the physical model.

I don’t really have something to post because its in the process but this is what I have so far ( see pic)…


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4 Responses to keep calm and keep working…..

  1. Emma Fraser says:

    I want the casa malaparte rock for my tables! hahahahha

  2. Maridia Kafetzopoulou says:

    of course you will have it if I don’t pour a resin on top of it….hahahah… I will ask Tris tomorrow if I can do it or it is going to melt… I want to have a resin block with casa malaparte inside to sit inside my machine.