Jury thoughts and actions

The main questions which were raised: what is your objective, what is your intention, where is the factory in your project, how do you define it, what do you produce and where do you produce it.

As a concept the contextlessness or placelessness is important; in the scale of Prouve’s designs whether houses or furniture and in the scale of the drawing and paper.

The discussion developed into the factory being on or within the paper itself, in the moment before it becomes or transforms into what it depicts, the object. Paper is the space of production. I thought this was extremely literal in the paper folding part of the presentation. I think this is very linear and has more limitations than possibilities as a technique to carry forward, because what ever is drawn in the two dimensions simply folds into its three dimensional form. But I might be wrong. The concept of the almost blank paper containing the factory within it intrigues me and I’m wondering how this can go forward.

The project so far includes the author and the operator of the paper; this is in reference to the user of Prouve’s designs being involved in the assembly process of which the place is in turn determined by the context of the nomadic object itself.

The technique of the film was questioned; I am intrigued with the idea of talking about drawing and paper but in the context of a moving drawing or image. I think that as a way of working this can develop the conversation into the spatiality and depth of the paper even if the physicality of paper is within the film. Too absurd? Talking about scale, the film’s scale depends on where it is displayed in the sense that frames identify scale, whether paper or screen or projector.

Ways forward: the transformation of the paper should be more powerful, projecting onto paper, consider the film as a means of production not only representation.

References: Enzo Marri, Wikihouse, Format lectures, Rui Feruki (?), Fontana cut, Duchamp’s Etant donnes.

Two things I am starting: drawing to put together the re-con (even though I think it was unresolved and not at a stage where it should be to feel complete) and drawing of the doublesidedness of the film (might be jumping ahead with this) and so that I don’t float away I should really address the brief to declare a position on the factory and become more precise.

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