Jury Reflections

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I’ve uploaded the latest video I’ve made of the enfilade. After reflecting upon it and watching it several times.. I have noticed a lot of the points that were mentioned in the jury with the fact that some of the rooms go on for quite long, that the transitions dont seem as seamless as they should be and that the rooms seem far too generic for a clear narrative to actually be conveyed.. These are things that will obviously require much testing to come in the remainder of the year. Regardless, i am excited to have gotten to this point with the animation and would like to continue further.

Regarding the presentation, i felt that i was unclear with what i was trying to say regarding the larger idea behind the project. With still a lot of practice and footage to collect, i do think the video will begin to help the presentation more in the future. Moving on, i would like to continue looking at the notions of real and virtual spaces and have been reading a book by Elisabeth Grosz called Architecture from the Outside Essays on Virtual and Real Space.

I’ve come across some interesting points but will need to read further to understand some of the concepts more. Reflecting on the jury further, i feel like i really need to pin down an argument and start making the rooms more specific. I still need some time think about this.

In a way, the enfilade has enabled the creation of this world where rooms connect to one another allowing for this super-linear and continuous experience of multiple interiors. Until this point, i haven’t turned.. and perhaps this is a good method of seeing how these interiors can start to convey more of a message.

Ultimately, i feel that my project aims to comment on space and the interior and i feel that the animation is still the way to proceed with this project. This is because the interior is best experienced through the elements of duration, sound and movement through the medium. I will continue thinking and writing.

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One Response to Jury Reflections

  1. Maxime Monin says:

    Random thought, but perhaps your project could take a similar turn that of a “horizontal” skyscaper ( https://lebbeuswoods.wordpress.com/2011/06/28/steven-holls-horizontal-skyscraper/ ) or a “folded” skyscaper like OMA CCTV or Eisenman’s tower (http://harvardmagazine.com/sites/default/files/img/article/0410/MJ10_p_22_02.jpg)
    Meaning that you would construct the linear sequence through the interior and alternatively build a non-linear “building” ? (“building” in its widest sense … as articulating real/virtual and interior/simply “covered” spaces is great !)