Jury Notes + Drawings

Colin Rowe and Stirling were most successul in Interrotta because they recognised the competition  as a game and played it.

What was really being interrupted?

Architects are constructing an identity and project and career around their relationship to the Nolli map and the historical city. In contemporary arch culture, this does not happen.

Careers of architects have been cartooned into the competition

The reconfigurable eternal city

Roma Interrotta is in contrast to the modernist tabula rasa idea, or singularity. This is a project about the co existence of multiple architectural visions. But is also a hyper narcissistic vision, of re insering the architect, into the city.

Its the Mount Rushmore project.

Duchamp- there are 6 versions of him doing a project

The relationship to each plate is what should change. They way I enter the city as architect and inhabitant. Its an immersive space.

Its about the end of cartography –the idea that the city is simply a map. The end of projection… The history of immersive spaces.

The derivation of architectural careers and our attitude towards the city ends with 3 manifestos (delirious new york, collage city, learning from las vegas).  Those three just killed the topic of the city. The idea that we can recover an attitude towards the city, is what is challenging.

It would be nice to be in the room (box). We imagine the view of the city. Immersive space, we need to be in the city, we got to get into the room. Get away from EUR. Scale-less features, historical vs the modern. Lots of good clues for designing.




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