Jury Feedback

What is next?
Where is the video?
Should you become the fraud squad?
Stripping vs appropriation
Not sure where you situate yourself
They emerge out of the original piece
Are you searching for original work(to make)
Opportunity to provoke isn’t quite where it should be. We need a reaction of the person chasing you.
You are all living the crisis of what it means to produce a project in 2015, in this school.
We are in a purgatory of post post conditions
You are obsessed with pointing out myths of originality, but you are obsessed with being interesting and original.
Elaine Sturtevant: copying Duchamp/permission truly deadpan………………….? What?

Your performance is too interesting-not boring enough
Google vomit-how do search engines rewrite our brains
Any notion of originality or being interesting is obliterated by the sheer quantity of stuff
Or it presented like sam’s copy machine project-with a sense of ennui (new word for me!)
Paul’s boutique everything is on the table everything is possible!

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