Jury feedback

What is the Factory?

  • What is the Product? What is being produced?
  • It needs a form of product then can be looked from backstage and front stage.
  • What is being produced is a sequence in emotions in the same way that a movie.
  • Time line
  • Compose your sequence now!make your product !
  • Pairing things with other things create emotional and phenomenological responses and that become kind of interesting form of production and the spaces are actively forming experience.
  • Interior views? How you move from space to space?It would be very interesting to follow this filming sequence in a kind of logic through some internal understanding.
  • If it is phenomenological be careful not to trap into clichés
  • The most interesting part of the Kuslohov’s effect is that is completely controlled and bias.
  • It is about you being the director and controlling what one sees and you completely limit and rule what one should feel and see.
  • The drawings of the model is an idealized version, are very interesting very powerful almost better than the model
  • Find a way of describing the fragments of the model filming them, taking pictures of them , composing them
  • How emotions can emerge from this juxtapositions of things
  • Within the picturesque start a conversation of the notions of relationships and the idea of composition


  • Allow it to be wage and ambiguous


  • You are not trying to construct a film narrative


  • You are not trying to an understanding of the content of the space.


  • A conversation about space and scale and architecture form.


  • You use lighting and color to introduce certain qualities that are beyond the narrative


  • Evolve your vocabulary in the form of sequences – different montage technics


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