It’s like a cross between a pagoda and a Greek temple

At the moment I see the re-con in three parts:

1. Biography/ Autobiography of one of the three Maison Tropicales

2. A drawing ? I want to insert myself in the re-assembly process. At the moment I am thinking to combine the three Maison Ts, need to start drawing to see what I want to do

3. Inspired by Maridia’s tute and ‘Instructions on how to climb a staircase’ I want to write instructions / manual on how to sit on a Prouve chair, how to use a Prouve table etc

In other words… need to MAKE MAKE MAKE!

shot2 shot

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3 Responses to It’s like a cross between a pagoda and a Greek temple

  1. Sasha Alexander Zhukov says:

    Hey Anny, look at this:–prouv–june-08-2013

    The video is really nice. Both Calder and Prouve worked towards the final composition rather then its parts. The parts they use are both made of metal steel/aluminium but Calder’s parts are “detached bodies floating in space”, “underlying sense of form”, “temperatures”, “wisps of gaseous condition”, “condition of movement” -> all making up the “ideal source of form” (just like the final composition of one of Prouve’s products). Maybe in whatever you are making, you can play around with the idea of the behaviour of components vs the overall composition. So if you were to edit the video on the website, you could keep some of the components suspended or spinning and introduce “wisps of gaseous conditions” into one of Prouve’s products. Basically play with the duality between what the components are and what the overall composition is. The ‘propensity’ of the components and the ‘propensity’ of the composition. Abstract comment but just seems like it could be creatively productive :)

  2. Sasha Alexander Zhukov says:

    theres also a flip book of the installation :) kinda looks like the atlas—catalogue–ggicmscalpro02

  3. Sasha Alexander Zhukov says: