Initial ideas for my Recon

As you all may know by now, Fagus is the shoe last factory founded in the early 20th century by a very ambitious individual called Carl Bensheidt. At the age of 53 when most people begin to contemplate the retirement, Carl Benscheidt launched a new enterprise. It was his dedication to work, his pronounced social conscience, and his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle – characteristics that enabled him to take such a daring step.

But what is the meaning of the shoe last in Carl Benscheidt’s vision? Why was it the main and only thing that Fagus produced? Why did Beinsheidt fight for its production even during the war times? What would those workers he cared for so much look like nowadays? These are some of the questions that will get my Recon going. I am looking to reinvent Fagus in my own interpretation by understanding Carl’s ideologies and by exploring his identity.

Few words about media I chose to use for my recon. I thought of many ways such as sketches, drawings, maps, diagrams, magazines, posters, events and many more, but in the end I chose to produce an industrial product/model which will help me best find the answers on questions I mentioned earlier and ones I will raise in future. I thought it would very well reflect on Fagus as a factory and its final product. A beautiful tree stump will be a base point for my making. My fictional narrative will form materials, objects, spaces and performers: machinery, workers, products, Gropius, Meyer, Benscheidt and many more.


The idea is to explain each step of my making through a series of diagrams that will back up the final product and get a clear understanding of why, what, when, how etc.

Hope this makes sense to you all. Any comments are welcome. I am going to watch some videos now about wood works.



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3 Responses to Initial ideas for my Recon

  1. Oliver Pershav says:

    I think that the process you subject the wood to is just as relevant as what you make out of it. How are you going to work with the wood? Are you going to imitate the industrial process of the Fagus, effectively becoming a one-man-factory, or are you going to counter it by going into craftsman techniques? My reference to Terunobu Fujimori, and how he cut models out of chunks of wood with a chainsaw, still stands.

  2. Sabrina Morreale says:

    I would actually look on everything else except wood. I will translate Carl Benscheidt’s vision in the present years. Exploring new ways of producing and making wood perhaps?

  3. Catarina Cruz says:

    I like this idea of documenting what you make out of the tree stump. Would it be a how to manual? maybe with different scales of processes? or a kind of manual-after-the-event thing… So it is no longer useful cuz in the end of the manual making the tree stump became something…?
    Im rambling. Just do it! :)