Excuse the bright colours, i needed something prominent to keep track of the rooms.

Following my explorations regarding the enfilade, I was curious to find the limit of infinity (visually) when applied to the physical perspective of the enfilade.

When the vanishing point simply disappears.

How many suites of rooms are actually required to make it seem endless? What are my constraints?

With a standard room of 5m x 10 m, how many rooms do i need to create this image of being endless?

With a 24mm lens, roughly position in the centre of each room, it would seem that 120 rooms are required to create this effect.

I can image these 120 rooms to be the framework in that the enfilade ties together.

I’ve also made an assumption through this image that only the first 12 rooms are required to be completely legible. The rest that follow after is simply the extension of the enfilade

The next step is to determine how to reconfigure and arrange these rooms so the “maze” is being constantly reconstructed to form a single view that is never really quite the reliable anchor it should be..




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