Indexing the Project through a Magazine


On Tuesday we discussed using the magazine as a format to sample the multiple natures of Le. I have started putting together a document to organise the stories that need to be assembled – a directory for describing Le, but also one for determining what I need to work on from here. I imagine that the project would be presented through the magazine, but with articles linking to other stories told through other media such as web blogs, youtube videos, adverts, film snippets/trailers, news clippings etc.

This way the media through which mass culture and collective consciousness are transmitted become the mediums for communicating the project.

I’ve started collating the material for this magazine issue in a contents page – will show more fleshed out tomorrow!contentsJust something interesting – bringing Deep Dream back – this is how it works (it’s a bit complicated but I think this guy breaks it down nicely).


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One Response to Indexing the Project through a Magazine

  1. Chong Yan Chuah says:

    Nathan, was trying out the deep dream thing. Super Awesome !