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How about this for a TS?!?

Such a fascinating book Duchamp’s – Etant Donnes – the mysterious book Manolis and George were referring to at the last jury. 3

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I think my presentation was a bit scattered due to the diversity of mediums, so I want to change it up a bit to make it flow more – I quite like the movement around the room I need to find a way in which the jury setup can be an immersion into the space of my project, I like how it takes up the room and I visualise it it like a corner of curiosities. 

Otherwise have been absorbing a lot from almost daily exhibitions :) and been very disappointed by some… including the Natural history museum displays :(

Also been testing layouts for the White book and TS – I would like them to have a visual conversation though distinct language. – thinking half-sies.


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If this week is book(s) week…. the next is model making. NEED TO MAKE THE FILMS FROM LAST TERM BEAUUUUUUTIFULL ! – and I want to link them more…


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