I need to print tomorrow


Amphibious foundations WIP ^

PLAN OF ACTION to quote Cate:

1. need to start sending to printers tomorrow – it will be the kind of printing they do at oxford so they need 2 days and I want to collect on Monday the latest. I did test prints and I am a bit too excited the paper is 300 gsm. I’m very sad I don’t have time to go over in tutorial on friday that’s why I am overloading the blog

2. white book tomorrow or friday but before tutorial – they also need 2 working days – got some full bleed images in and the size is relevant to the drawings

2.5 assemble the frame

3. weekend last drawing – still havent sketched it :( + re-work film + presentation (on screen) + text

4. monday, tuesday, picking up things, more presentation + text + reherse

I WANT to have on the table – my 8 drawings : gallery, foundations, 5 contexts, final drawing and book, as my thesis and my project. anything else goes on the screen if part of the pres, but I am planning to speak a lot about the contexts. I am eliminating green screen stuff from the pres and will plan to bring that up in the conversation, because I want to take that risk of presenting the core of the 9 months.

any commeeeent? :) I have never taken so many decisions in one week.

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8 Responses to I need to print tomorrow

  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    1. OH exciting printing on 300gsm ! they will look awesome!
    i like the new amphibious foundations dwg! more texture!!!!

    2. get a 4th year to help you dump images on the layout so you can have it friday

    3. dont panic! there s still time!


    • Catarina Cruz says:

      where are you printing btw? i might want to print the big dwg there too!

      • Anny Stephanou says:


        Eleanor!!! told me about them. speak to Jenny, and I can show you the test prints on 4 paper types so you can choose

        • Oliver Pershav says:

          I might consider them as well, seeing as it would be nice to have proper prints of my main hand drawings, i.e. not different paper. Maybe we can do a collective job?

          • Catarina Cruz says:

            Not sure about it. anny is printing tomorrow and i will likely print on monday. also the file is sent via their website.
            probably good to sort it out individually.
            i think

          • Natasha Sandmeier says:

            yes oliver! proper prints for sure! because of course i will TAKE one, so watch out.

  2. Anny Stephanou says:

    2. it’s almost done! the rest of the work can only be me to see the order, go over titles etc

    3. so much anise tea


  3. Sabrina Morreale says:

    are these machine of context moving around? are you animating it as well? looks good