A name for the world ?

I’ve been thinking of spicing things up a lil. I need a name for my world. Still cant find any interesting name for it… Any suggestions anyone?  would be nice to have subtitles in the codex with the world name. Like ”mapping ( name of the world )” instead of literally ”mapping the world”. =) 
Here’s an update on the spread ” Mapping the (World) ”   I unrolled the 3d geometry of the 3 planets. m1 , m2 , m3 into a flat surface.  And made it more codex-y compared to the last iteration.  

Mapping the World

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2 Responses to A name for the world ?

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:


    Since your world defies regular coordinates, it could be xyz (plus G for gravity)…!
    I know, it’s terrible. But if you look at how they name stars, the alphanumeric system is most common.

    (because knossos is where the original labyrinth is located)

    PROMETHEUM (after prometheus) – I don’t know why I’m getting so greek – must be Manoli’s influence.


    CONSEQUENCIA (named after the game Consequences, or Exquisite Corpse) which does to drawing what you do to your world and your animals!

    I’ll try harder!

  2. Maxime Monin says:

    Could be latin wordings too, sounds good for maps.

    “Somnia terrae” for instance would mean something like “Land of dreams”

    Borges called one his made up world “Orbis Tertius”, which means “third world” – yours could be a “Somnia orbis”

    You can also find a word that has simply no signification, just a nice sound – there are many made up words in fantasy/sci-fi literature (Star Wars has many planet names for instance..)