I have an idea…

ok so this post will sound random and etc but i was thinking all day today about my factory.

one thing i realised was that i was really scared/dreading of putting ‘machines’ inside my factory. that is not the point. the point is: the factory is the machine, is the product and is the maker. The factory is cindy.

It s meta. and i like the metaness.

that said, i got to think how to keep designing the factory to become a more elaborate machine. So i had this vision of the factory envelope (that up till TS submission was just a translucent glass) is made of 2-way mirror.

i will explain better why once i make the drawing i sketched but basically i am putting my factory in a city ( a generic one that i modeled with a plug in:

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 22.13.28so if the factory is wrapped by a 2 way mirror facade it will reflect the city(duh i know but wait)

the image of the city will be ‘cut’ by the optical holes on the factory. which is how you ‘delete’ bits of the city.

so we go back to the idea of identity constructed in the mirror. Mirror=factory


anyway too much bla bla…i will get on with this…update tomorrow/monday and we chat on tuesday

Ps: i will render the city colourful like cindy city but the factory will still be renderered black and white like the TS renders



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