After Tuesday’s jury, I have been thinking about the connection of the hyper object with the existing story scenes/ narrative.

I have been reading more about the notions of a hyper objects. Here is what I found as a possible explanation for my hyperoject/hole :

It is an element that travels through space and time, It decontextulises the image or scene it is “Something that can be in more than one place at once” as the filmmaker Gabriel Shalom defines. It is too massive and long-“lived” for our minds to comprehend.The holes used in the scenes add ambiguity to the image but in the same time they are gateways, links to other scenes.

This is a great  reference  mentioned in the jury about the led Zepplin Object used for the “Presence” album:

lz-presence-cover led-zeppelin-presence-3-1

Also, here is a lecture about Charles Arsene Henry that Anatol has mentioned where he links two of my diamonds in his description:http://www.aaschool.ac.uk/VIDEO/lecture.php?ID=3369

Moving forward, I am going to stick with “the holes” as the singular element of transport. Instead of it taking you through random scenes I am now working on a more elaborate narrative that could incorporate time transporting you from past to future. Perhaps an element of memory trigger..


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