Holiday update

I have been mostly working on TS, mostly trying to figure out the direction my project will take. In that sense, I investigated the production and reproduction of the space I create.

Therefore I had a look at both way of excavating and recreating space, almost as if “teleported”. The possibility to create and recreate disregarding distances and context.

To put it differently, I aim at creating anti-spaces that can constantly reconfigure themselves.





I was then looking at technologies of excavation, carving, pouring but also scanning.

I got inspired by a reference mentioned by Georges during last jury, Isamu Noguchi. Really like his work as they seems like timeless breathing point within the city. He worked mostly with gardens and playgrounds. This image I believe convey what I mean :



All in all, I believe the screen become the interface by which space is virtually and physically transported. The consequence of perfect reproduction and transmission of information is the possibility to recreate anything and therefore nothing. Architecture as a framework for things to exist by articulating the monolith, a physical and fixed presence and bits, its reconfiguration.

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