I wish we were still in peru having tiny ice creams (crying emoji face)


Here is a tiny concept model as a test for maybe doing a pinhole model of the spaces within the building, using a door peephole stretches and distorts the space to make it look a lot longer than it is which could be interesting.

IMG_4485 IMG_4487

The take away from previews was that I have a lot of images but the conceptual framing of the project is lacking to say the least, so therefore I have been and we be mainly focussing on how to present and frame the project and then making work as needed to illustrate the concept.

The project either needs to be a con-temporised version of THE ARK and the presentation needs to sit within the historical continuum of the concept of the ark as it has been addressed by artists and architects and pay reference to those people.

OR the project is an Ark but the presentation is a narrative that reveals the purpose and spatial qualities of environment created and what that means for inhabitants.

Therefore I have been having a go at writing the presentation in these two formats.


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