Highway 2.0

Barragan as a highway sculpture (Almeria’s greenhouses below)blog pm

Barragan from aerial view as a super tall structure (maybe it could work in a physical model with printed texture…) blog pm2

I added Donald Judd’s concrete boxes in Marfa instead of the White Cube fragment which wasn’t really doing a lot until now. In this instance I tried to work with a mirror (the darker surface seen on the screenshot below), so that the entire piece could rotate 90°….and the Judd fragment turns to the New Museum, obviously.   BLOGGGGGGGGGGG



Also thinking of the camera arm – which should go up and down and zoom in and out. Will post a sketch of it later. In the spirit of making things too complicated, maybe the camera track could look like an additional highway?

I tried to decide on specific references for the landscapes of each fragment (from left and clockwise) –

*Barragan’s towers – The greenhouses of Almeria (good for the scale change)

*House VI – California highway number 1

*Judd – field (their original context)

*Jeff Wall – Mexico City residential area

*Kubrick corridor – NASA facility / room



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