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Some spreads of the white book: processbook3 processbook4 processbook5 processbook6

I’ve been looking at Digital Black holes in the web. The huge mass and quantity of Data collection and the information loss.

A really good video on the BBC of Libraries trying to save websites from ‘digital black hole:

“There is a common belief that the average life of a webpage is only 75 days, so much material has already been lost into a digital black hole….”


The OCLC (The Online Computer Library Center) is a non  profit computer service and research organization whose systems help libraries locate, acquire, catalog, and lend library materials. I have been exchanging emails with the OCLC regarding their event held in Edinburgh: Is there a Library-Shaped Black hole in the web?

Here are two great books that I’ve been reading over the break, they might come in very handy for the development of the narrative.

1389885_3283776 micromegas afterlife3.indd

Micromégas is a  philosophical tale written by Voltaire in 1752.The story talks about  ‘s travels an inhabitant of one of the planets that orbits Sirius. He travels around the Universe in a journey developing his intellect and spirit.


Another good book, that explains in a humours way the black hole phenomena.

To develop further, Inspired by Micromegas I am thinking about my story becoming a philosophical tale as a narrative genre.  One of the striking thing of these books is the unperceivable scale and time that are used to explain the stories:” Micormegas world is 21.6 million times greater in circumference than theEarth“…”When he is almost 450 years old…” After a 200-year trial, he is banished from the court for a term of 800 years….” “He has 72 seances…” “The black hole is 17 billion times larger then the sun”….

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