Hello term 3!

The fundamental question we finished last term with was how this ‘factory’ contaminates whatever is inside it. I think of the factory to be the middle space in the very early box model – it is the space that is left untouched by what’s outside it – it is Prouve’s workshop, a gallery space, and a green screen room. The project seeks to disrupt the condition of introversion.

Below was the starting point, quite abstract, but led me to the drawing I am working on today which has been in progress of being repeatedly redrawn in the break… Here what is addressed is the shell to be less of a container and more of a contaminator.


In these drawings there is a visible (?) horizon line at eye height. I have been trying ways to draw. I need today’s drawing to explain better what I am trying to do, will update later. I have been using drawing as a way to think through the development of the project. Also can I say I am super excited for the multiverse seminar.


James Turrell, 06/21/2013 - 09/25/2013, SRGM New YorkOnion-Skin-tests-mires-low-res

This is a drawing to start the presentation with, still needs shadows to show depth.


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