Heart of the Factory

Each of the images represent a ‘time’ portal/threshold to a new space or event.

Further thoughts:

I am going to SLAP people and content in the photos, and instead concentrate on a space and image itself.

I am going to transform 2d flat images into a 3 Dimensional spaces/events…

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 15.51.13


Notes from last tutorial:

– you are in a room but all scales are messed up

– slap people in the photograph

– slap the subject out of the photograph! The content is irrelevant, you just gonna make it up

– side-ness of the views ?

– perspective, construction of the image

– the camera becomes the reader

– flat image to 3D (matrix)

– movie Divergent (mirror scene)

– take the room/space and inverse it

I am working on the physical model of the space above as well as building 3D components from the images I chose.

Hope everyone is good!


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One Response to Heart of the Factory

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    you misunderstood the slapping.

    don’t slap THEM. Slap them out of the foreground of your project. You are drowning in memories and precedent. YOU need to emerge in the foreground of your project. take control.