Happy new year


Happy new year to everyone.

I’m dropping a line about what I’ve been hanging during winter quickly. (I dont have computer with me now. I will replace post with some spreads as soon as I get access to my file.)

It was more important for me to be clear about what I want to do and why I want to do. Therefore I tried to weave thoughts and attempts under one umbrella. Even aim for TS submission is part of further research alongside to project development which eventually will go into White book. But I kind of mapped out how I will spend the rest of year. Many writings, much thoughts, some researches but no drawings.


I want to have discussions and feedback about the vision and argument that ive been revising. I will make sure to have all printed. I’m looking forward to having a very productive day tomorrow.





(Revised)Table of Contents:

TS Book export2

Research on NUUMI

TS Book export7 TS Book export8 TS Book export9

Research on sacred cities :

TS Book export11TS Book export12

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