Hacking into induced products through scale

I wanted to formalise the concept of the pill and the architecture in Novartis being ‘induced events’ rather then products into a drawing. This is the concept I want to take further into development. I can not come up with an effective way to represent the impact of the architecture onto the corporation, and the ambiguous nature of the pill as something that has an effect on a malady. I can draw these in representation, but not in a way that becomes an architectural drawing/productive for me. I was looking at the inverse of ‘amorphous’ and found that one of its antonyms is ‘organic‘ in a physiological context. The idea of the organ is very appropriate. Previously I considered the pill (and by analogy the architecture) as ‘events’. The physical shape typology (meaning: shape, not including size) of the pill is its shell, it is formalised not by the disease it is treating, the ingredients it consists of or the country it is marketed in but rather simply because it has to be swallowed. In the same way, the architecture/building is a shelter from the elements. The intervention of the knowledge factory (Novartis or the Architect) makes a pill into a medical treatment and a building into architecture. The ‘architectures’ in the Novartis campus have the architect’s DNA, their identity.

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