Green Foam Invasion

Green foam has overtaken… living and breathing green foam… literally have green foam particles in my throat!

But first part of model coming together…

The model works through the ‘four ecologies':

the cut, the scale, the joint and the plug-in. ( when i talk about my project it is no longer about the grains themselves but how they inform my process of design aka sampling)

The model challenges the way one can think about sampling, not only in music but in architectural design.

green foam



(in musical terms: “overtly insists on the repetitive nature of the music, by abruptly skipping it back to another beginning which we have already heard.”)

in my terms: when one goes through the design process of taking a piece of a reference from one setting to another, it creates a new reading. A new understanding of what the track could be. The ‘cut’ is not different in form however can be re-read when placed in a new environment, material, scale….

So these are the beginning of the cuts. The pieces work in different places creating a new track, the model re-works itself into a new sound, form and design.

image1 image2 image3image4

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