Graphic Scores: Tying Up the Samples

So from the lecture I took the main idea of synesthesia. The condition in which one type of simulation evokes the sensation of another. For example when one hears a sound it produces a visualisation of a colour or image. If the sound is able create a specific fiction depending on the listener than the visual score of the music becomes a subjective reading of the sampled sound. Just as the video or stills taken from the visual sampler leaves the performer open to interpretation, the score leads to a way of reading the sound. I have been brainstorming this idea of material + form + story, all under the umbrella of sound. How can I start to draw what these mean and how do they translate into a sampled form. As I concentrate on the construction of the fiction of my grains, I use the structural elements of musical notation to control elements of how the performer reads the score. Here are some graphic scores for Pruitt-Igoe soundtrack.

graphic score 2 graphic score

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