Gonna get greener tomorrow

Tomorrow I will film the green world! The end result will be a film (in between perspective and elevation drawings as the setting, animating drawings and a video of myself for the 1:1 scale reference). The drawings below show the four (paper) acts that I have at the moment. I will introduce references such as the projection on the wall of the ‘xray’ drawing of the house I’m looking or the laptop screen looking at a vimeo of an assembly process of the house.


Act I – concealment – video of me putting up paper over the existing door01_Page_2

Act II – drawing – animate drawing of the door as I draw it on the paper01_Page_3

Act III – cut/ score – the paper01_Page_4

Act IIII – fold – to ‘open the door’

After this I haven’t yet thought what will happen… Somehow we need to enter this house:



Is it making sense?! Text to come tomorrow…

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One Response to Gonna get greener tomorrow

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    I am enjoying this, and somehow I like as well the fact of having these black and white drawings which you need to come close to the screen to see what’s the differences between them.