getting there- this hill was killing me_WIP

thinking of how the panning happens gave me some problems with the hills I need…but I think I sorted that now…so life is good again.. trying to finalize this asap.

should I make the field longer before I hit the hill? I’m afraid this will become suuuuper long though. still need to add the city on the right.

Also got an idea for another view which I’m hoping I can squeeze in my schedule tomorrow!


panning thingy



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2 Responses to getting there- this hill was killing me_WIP

  1. I like this drawing a lot. I dont understand what are these smaller parts, but I like it. I would do it a bit longer before it hits the hill btw.

    • Miruna Mazilu says:

      thanks sabri – I’ll make it longer ! smaller stuff are just random bits in my photoshop file haha :)) but I like the lower one with the tree in the concrete.