full extend WIP

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 23.55.43


final destination of the pile is the tempelhof airfield (currently abandoned).

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3 Responses to full extend WIP

  1. Natasha Rieffel says:

    are there perhaps accidental over flows? unexpected avalanches? and ‘good architecture’ is buried with no time to set up the vaults or openings. Do you have to carve back into the pile?

    A moment of no control as it just is too much stuff!

  2. Amar Mehta says:

    I like the idea of the pile being less predictable/curated and instead more messy and destructive. Also i think you might have a tiny typo on the image. I think it is meant to be extent, and not extend.

    • Felix Brinkhege says:

      WIP = work in progress ;) no, seriously, I agree. the tempelhof site is more of an addition to the other piles that are used as formwork. it would be a cycle in which trash piles, is cast, removed and transported to the big pile..