—> From Object to Process —>

Welcome to the P2P Opera – a global Pas-de-deux which explores how innovation in process is becoming more important than innovation in object.

***The P2P opera is produced in collaboration with Yanka Dodnikova who knits amazing socks in her village in Bulgaria. Order your pair now – https://www.blocsocks.com/


What is – the object is actually a process (left).

What if – the phases become important by the time they take from the total 100% of the process (also the boundary of the page).

What then – Each phase is a place. The value of the object is affected by the collection of places which produced it.

ROOM – creating the stage for a GOOD PROCESS in a studio flat



FLOOR – addition to the Free Plan

STREET – elevating the city from ground floor to F1 to make place for P2P production and distribution.




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