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I have finished reworking the collages that needed to have been done – took a lot longer than expected. I AM NOW WORKING ON A RHINO MODEL, FOR A DRAWING  of Reagan’s world – one the embodies the idea of the frame and constant reconstruction. I am also working on a 3D print file, that will allow me to construct a globe of fragmented ideas, and another collage (the one as discussed).

I have also jotted down some thoughts that hopefully begin to shape my argument.

The image of architecture as more real than the architecture itself.

The construct and composition of the image as a metaphor for perception.

The architect’s apparatus of perception is his sensorium (what makes an architect’s sensorium different?) Experiencing through the visual alone – context decontextualizes architecture.

Developing a methodology for decoding the world of the sensorium (collection of preconception).


POV as a representation of a carefully constructed space.


Creating worlds within worlds, where the primary architecture becomes the only context for the secondary and so forth – mise en abyme – perception to the infinite.


Context in today’s world becomes an irrelevant limitation on for which an architect has to operate in. It is momentary, for it is in continuous transition and exists in the realm of complete subjectivity; it is an incomprehensible synthesis of fragments shaped (something uncontrollable) through the industrial processes of culture and time…


The space of the architecture moves beyond its physical limitations and into the territory of the metaphysical, whereby the metaphysical is not a construct purely that of the mind, but instead is one that elevates architecture from beyond what is seen, to what is experienced and subsequently perceived through the frame of the sensorium.


The notion of experience is not to be misunderstood for that of the sensorium. Whilst experience can be seen as the collection of events framed within the visual parameters of the body (touch and sight), the sensorium is the translation and appropriation of the experience into a form of context (deduced into fragments such as depth, perception, scale – all subjective to points if view).


Therefore the role of the architect is not only to determine how we see, experience and function within the frames of the first person perspective, but in the process, produce a methodology of creating him/herself as a context-less operator through the (visual medium) sensorium.


Thus the project exists on the line between reality and perception, governed and structured by forms of experience and tools of perception (explored through the medium of the collage through POV – a double construct: page composition and first person narration).


The P.O.V not only begins to define its own context through the visual and tangible limits within ones visual frame, but through the negotiation of the sensorium, begins to create a thread of the continuous, and holistic image.



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