Three vantage points


This is a comment from Thanos on Jury:

Astonishment can also only be momentary. Belief has to be habitual – has to become a way of life.

I think it is a key to link the project back to the heart of argument, as it has been stated in introduction. To push it forward, I will keep considering that as main question and challenge of project.



– Still tempted to spend effort producing ‘master-plan’ of perceptional space. I’m giving it one more go.

– (re)Formatting White book alongside to other production. It will be fun.



– At the moment, I’m mainly planning about ‘how to present’. I had a quick chat with Natasha about availability of AA cinema on the day. I will come to Admin office tomorrow to discuss about it. Installation will be very important and at the same time very challenging as a way to present. I’m gonna bring some concrete thoughts at tute to find a way.


Two more weeks to go!

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One Response to Three vantage points

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    Maybe the most simple way can be as well the most powerful. Would it be possible to let us enter to a room which is completely being shaped by your light installation. We will enter in paradise with a open window to the stars(all fake obviously)…..Then you slowly click off layers, and the magic disappear showing the truth of a blank room.