Format Factory_square vs ellipse

The square arrangement of the factory, which set the department of invention of format at its heart, allowed for a circular movement around the other departments. After it was pointed out to me, I realized that this format indeed resembles more a library setup and encourages an exploration rather than production of the history of format.

The new plan of Format Factory will be based on an elliptical perimeter which I intend to intersect with tangents to create openings. I tried to think of the interior as a three-dimensional space, perhaps similar to the Fiat Lingotto Factory in Turin. Rather than radiating from a center, the production process of format is linear. It follows a spiral into the center where there is a possibility of being carried back outside again or the other way around.

Since I don’t know which processes, tools and human labour are required for the production of format I thought about borrowing from a double helix structure to create the production flow with some bridges. I will keep that idea in mind whilst playing around with openings and trying to accomodate the programs which I already embraced.

Format Factory Plan02

Format Factory Plan02

As I am still working on my thesis and architectural designs my drawings remain quite simple. However I hope that in a couple of weeks, I will be able to work more on my graphics in order to communicate other aspects of the project.

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