Format Factory_Playing Ping Pong with an Architect

I really enjoyed last weeks tutorial. Although I once again finding myself in a situation of trial and error, I feel that I internalize the conclusions drawn. Shortly after drawing my square plans, Cedric Price’s Fun Palace popped up as a reference which I could use to question my own direction/intention. If the Factory of Culture was a scaffolding structure designed to produce event spaces and promote an exchange of content, what would Format Factory be? Which format did he employ in 1960? How did the project not only shape his own but also a cultural identity? Here is my image which gave that food for thought:

food for thought: Cedric Price's Fun Format

food for thought: Cedric Price’s Fun Format

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  1. Anouk Ahlborn says:

    @ Natasha: new plan will follow after the forbidden-three-letters tutorial.