For previews (updated dwg II)

I am drawing the project with the medium of the unfolded drawings. I have started three of them,

site to context


01 (initial stage)

02  (final stage)

drawing to construction



(update – it is taking me longer than expected – above is the folded state and below unfolded)

inhabited to objective view 

(will update)

I realized that they work in the same way as the ancient non-box and I am enjoying making the drawings work like that. I will continue to work on them tomorrow plus the presentation and bringing together previous work for the tutorial.

Fri/ Sat/ Sun I would like to spend time on film. I am trying to decide the next move which I thought can involve the eidograph. In the second drawing I am implementing the eidograph to be specific to the project in terms of its dimensions and two functions. I will to show what I mean.

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2 Responses to For previews (updated dwg II)

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Fill the interior of the paper with lines. Looks too bland – like just paper cut into a house shape at the moment. otherwise, nice!