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The architecture student is both the author and operator of his or her own project.

Similarly, Jean Prouve undertook the role of the designer, constructor and in some cases inhabitant of his own work.

If in its most crude or banal description, architecture is the construction of thresholds, this project will look into (the thresholds of making a flattening of isolation of spaces or part thereof into the fiction). The threshold may essentially be the author. (will rewrite)


  1. Construct the factory spaces at 1 to infinity, digitally
  2. Film (only the camera moves) with 1 point perspective
  3. Build parts of the factory (ie staircase) at 1 to 1
  4. Remove it from context by painting it green
  5. Remove it from site by filming in the green room
  6. The author inhabits (by operating ie opening door, using stairs)

Technical Studies will be a section through the film, eventually developing into something more than how the fiction of the project is constructed in different realms and scales.

This means that the 1 to 1 constructions will be used repeatedly in the film in different parts of the drawing. If Prouve fabricated his work without a defining geographical site for it to be located, similarly the ‘after-site’ of the 1 to 1 parts in this project is in the drawing of the factory.

Aesthetically the factory spaces should look crafted like a 3D drawing and will be designed based on the output of the project, the film, in perspective section.

The two year thesis comes from the way in which the project could not exist without the presence of the author (student) to deliver the forth realm (voice) and create the seams between them.

Let’s Oscillate will be the project title because in this project we will move between the realm of the fiction of the architecture project being constructed and the extraction of parts of this world in the realm that the author inhabits for him or her to be able to in turn inhabit the fiction. I speak about fiction not in the sense of narrative but about the crafting of the architectural project.

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