Folding Panorama WIP

Folding Panorama

The folding panorama will work in multiple ways. As the title suggests, the very long image, will unravel as a set of folds, with each fold revealing more of the landscape. Not only will this be another mechanism in which we get to experience the landscape, but the image adheres to the set of laws earlier determined by the FOV. The full image also provides the totality of how we see, from the objective, then towards the subjective.

I hope the image can speak about the the three avatars of the architect (narrator, cartographer and the *builder); and as i explain each character, the image only reveals as much.

The superstudio creeping in, opens a dialogue about resolution and continuity. The generic grid on content, context and concept-less, thus free for the architect to project his vision.

The extension of the image, then begins to show how through the various fragments – a new environment is created – this then takes over the grid, and will exist at the peripheries of our perception.

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