First came the smog


What happens when the smog is no longer an outside condition, when it breeches the inside.


Apparatus for the project, the smog.



Smog has physical properties; to erase, obscure, disguise and envelop. It begins to spatialise and solidify light and negotiate the boundary between the built and the ephemeral, expanding the horizon line into a band.

Chromatic smog. Looking at smog in different areas of the world and at different times of day the smog frames, sections and obscures the city in different hues and opacities.

Dependant on our proximity to smog our understanding of inside and outside is inverted and dissolved. The smog enters our space and undermines the locus of protection, security and certainty that the architectural convention provides. In degrees of closeness we, the inhabitant of this terrain,  are either the onlooker to this partially obscured and veiled landscape or as we get closer we are the figure that is surrounded and completely immersed in an endless ground that is completely other from the topography it resides upon.

The smog not only situates the project and establishes the ground condition but also provides a mid-ground veil that overwrites place.

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